Photo-Bonny 2.12

Image Photo-Bonny 2.12
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    Windows Vista/XP

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    January 14, 2020

  • "Retouch your images in a fun way by creating montages"

Sometimes you feel like retouching photographs in a funny way, but due to the complexity of the use of certain graphic editing programs you end up giving up. With Photo-Bonny you can have as much fun as you like retouching photos without wasting your valuable time finding the necessary tools.

Its operation could not be simpler. Simply drag the objects you want to the photo in question. Then you can increase or reduce their size to adapt them perfectly to the context of the image, being able to rotate them in numerous positions, although unfortunately they cannot be totally inverted.

Photo-Bonny also allows you to add frames to your photographs as well as your own drawings by means of the brush tool, which will be digitalized to perfection. Even though you can't add new objects, the program has a lot of them, and it's fun to use them to retouch photos with your friends and/or family.

The formats supported by Photo-Bonny are JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIF.